A message from your host

Hi! My name is Rochelle and I started this blog and podcast as a way to track my own progress as I endeavour to live a more zero-waste lifestyle. I’m been vegan for 2 years and six months and I wanted to create a space free from judgment to educate, to learn and to share everything I can about my journey.

I have just moved to Launceston, Australia with my supportive – and now also vegan – partner Daniel and several house plants that are always on the verge of death, despite my system of ignoring them for three weeks, then overwatering them for two days.

After adopting a vegan diet a few years ago for environmental reasons, two things happened: Firstly, I rediscovered my passion for cooking and experimentation in the kitchen and tapped back into a creative avenue I had completely discounted for the last few years. Secondly, I realised how much I had come to rely on modern conveniences and how much waste my choices were creating.

So little by little and bit by bit I’m changing my lifestyle in an attempt to reduce my personal waste and do my bit for the planet. I believe every little bit counts, so whether you are just starting your journey, trying to have more meat-free days or whether you are a level five vegan who won’t eat anything that casts a shadow and practices pocket composting, hopefully you’ll find something to help you. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and we can share this road together as we strive to tread lightly on this Earth.

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